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I was involved in a car accident in which the injuries sustained required surgery. Howard Merricks was my attorney throughout this whole process. He not only put me in contact with some of the best surgeons and medical staff, but he answered any and all questions I had without reservation. His staff always helped me get the appointments that I needed when I was having a hard time scheduling them myself. Basically, any time that I needed him, he and his staff were always there. 

My case almost went to court

(which I did not want) but

he was able to have the case

mediated which ultimately

saved me the time and

frustration involving a jury of

my own peers. He did

everything hecould to settle

this case as soon as he possibly could. And for that, I am so incredibly grateful.

His staff was also able to help with the medical bills I had incurred by calling each and every provider and having them reduce their charges to ensure I walked away with the absolute maximum. 

Dealing with insurance companies is such a hassle and a task that I did not want to get involved with. What peace of mind I was given knowing he and his staff took care of every little detail. I was informed with the process every step of the way.    

If you are looking for an attorney that actually cares about you - I would highly recommend Howard Merricks. There is none better.     .... MK

Howard Merricks represented me for an accident in which I was injured and I couldn't be more satisifed with his results. I know I received a settlement that was far more than I could of ever obtained by myself. Communication was top notch as he and his staff were always keeping me well informed - making me feel confident that they had MY BEST interest in mind. For me it was stress free knowing who I was going to speak with when I had a question. Come to think of it, I don't know if they even believe in voicemails as I always was able to speak with someone directly when necessary.

The Medical Providers and The Merricks Law Group worked very well together making sure I had great medical care and, at the same time, took away

the overwhelming amount of stress from the whole

situation. I felt as if I only had to concentrate on

getting well - everything else was taken care of for me.

Bottom Line:  This attorney is awesome! I am so glad

I chose him to represent me. He took a complicated

stressful situation and made it right.

                                                 ........ John

What a pleasure it was to work with The Merricks Law Group!  The staff was friendly and professional and Attorney Howard Merricks always made time to answer any of my questions.  Being in  an accident is hard enough without having to deal with insurance companies and billing departments! The Merricks Law Group took care of it all, I never had to worry.   Howard Merricks will always be my number one for personal injury law!  


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